Neighbors Powering What Matters

Community energy: the benefit of local power companies and TVA working together
Community Energy

Here, Our Power Means More

Our region is powered by a public power model — owned by and accountable to the people who live here. So the initiatives we invest in through our power model serve one purpose: helping our communities thrive.

Because we support public power, we all benefit from Community Energy. It’s the progress our model enables — like more job opportunities thanks to thriving and growing communities, outdoor recreation thanks to our protected lands, cleaner energy sources, and much more.

A Partnership of Service

Your local power company and TVA work together to power not just our homes and businesses, but our potential too — by combining efforts to help create a future we all believe in.

Investing in the Places We Live, Work and Play

See how our energy shapes the region and communities like yours.

Want a closer look at the progress neighbors are supporting in towns and cities around the area?

Economic Development

Attracting Jobs

Opportunity grows for our communities when companies move here — so we attract businesses by helping communities craft compelling pitches, offering site selection services, helping prepare sites for development and offering research and technical assistance.


Protecting Natural Resources

With 293,000 acres of land and 11,000 miles of shoreline entrusted to us, we maintain clean air and water for our region, protect wildlife habitats and invest in clean energy sources.


Cultivating Recreation

We manage and maintain a lot of the places you go to reset, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors—like the beautiful reservoirs, whitewater streams and public lands where you hunt, camp and hike.

Supporting Education

Through contributions to robotics and STEM programs in primary and secondary schools, we help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs.

Practicing Philanthropy

We partner with nonprofit organizations across the region, supporting initiatives to deliver disaster relief and help meet basic needs of our neighbors.

Promoting Quality of Life

Promoting Quality of Life

From providing reliable electricity to protecting the lands you enjoy, we do a lot to live up to our mission of serving you—and ensuring our region is an ideal place to live, work and play.

Founded on a Mission to Make Life Better

It’s been our purpose since 1933 to have a positive impact on the communities and people we serve. Our charge is to steward growth in these three ways:

Transmission lines


We generate clean power for the region’s homes and businesses, working with local power companies to keep service steady and reliable.



We look out for our region’s natural resources — maintaining and protecting our waterways and surrounding lands. Managing the Tennessee River system not only helps with our power production, it helps with flood control, supports outdoor recreation and ensures our region will be a safe and beautiful place to live and play for years to come.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Our reliable energy not only keeps power bills lower for homes, businesses and industries — it helps recruit industry too. We work with partners across the region to help bring in new investments and good jobs, and we help keep them here.

In Partnership with Local Power Companies

The positive impact we have on our region is possible because of TVA’s strong partnerships with local power companies. Together, we serve communities across a seven-state area, all with unique needs and priorities. Your local power company helps make sure our services reflect the values of your community.
A contractor and TVA representative consulting on a project

Working to Ensure a Promising Future

Helping our region realize its full potential has always been our promise. We’re always exploring new ideas and innovations that enable us to be better stewards of our region’s vast resources — so we can continue to empower progress.

Transmission lines crossing an agricultural field

Transforming Our Power Grid

As our region grows, we’re adapting our grid for the future. Grid of Tomorrow utilizes Smart Grid technology, making our power grid more reliable and environmentally friendly than ever before.

A person tracing a fault on a grid structure

Advanced Energy Storage

Storage solutions make our power grid more resilient and responsive to spikes in electricity demand, which means more reliable energy for you. It also helps us get more out of solar energy and supports more charging stations for electric transportation.

A woman adjusting the temperature for a smart thermostat on a tablet

Connected Communities

To ensure our energy solutions meet the needs of communities on an individual level, we’re supporting the integration of smart technologies. Smart electric devices and sensors collect data, which we can use to reduce our carbon impact, enhance sustainability and serve communities better.


Sustainable Energy Sources

As stewards of our environment, part of our job is exploring emerging technologies that could help reduce our carbon use in exchange for cleaner, more efficient energy sources. We’re continuing to invest in ways that make our power portfolio greener.

Plugging in an electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle Evolution

EVs aren’t just efficient and economical — they’re good for our environment too. We’re making our region more EV-friendly by forging partnerships, investing in resources and supporting policies that make driving EVs more convenient.

A power generation station

Advanced Nuclear Solutions

Nuclear energy is better for the environment than carbon and it’s one of the cheapest ways to generate power. As we develop the energy system of the future, we’re evaluating emerging nuclear technologies that make our power more affordable and adaptable.

Get Involved

Learn about and attend upcoming meetings, see what projects are happening around the region, and stay up to date on the initiatives our power model is working toward right now.

Two people examining plants in wild area

Committed to Our Shared Progress

Generation Mix

Solar, hydroelectric, wind, natural gas, nuclear—our power is made up of multiple sustainable energy sources for a dynamic, adaptable portfolio that helps keep our power reliable, no matter what. It’s only becoming more sustainable, as we move toward more efficient forms of power production year after year.

Businesses and residents play a part too—through programs that allow them to partner alongside us in generating solar, wind and biogas energy.


Our power model empowers a flourishing economy and protects our region’s natural resources — and we’re looking toward the future with the policies, strategies and programs we put into place, making sure the investments we make today will benefit the generations to come.

Learn about all the ways TVA remains dedicated to sustainability — from an Environmental Policy for a growing renewable energy portfolio to a Natural Resources Plan that outlines our management of water resources, recreational reservoir land planning and community engagement.


Our Valley Region

153 local power companies partner with TVA to deliver initiatives specific to their communities’ unique values and needs. Together, with all our neighbors, we create Community Energy across the region. This map highlights the local power companies that are sharing their Community Energy stories.
Participating LPCs, Oct 22

See How Community Energy is Shaping Places Throughout Our Region